Course devoted to PhD students of all disciplines, in English, to improve scientific presentations.

The course is organized in two parts.
First part: Presentation Making.
Choosing and organizing the contents of a presentation. Focusing on the goals. Paying attention to the audience. Designing the slides.
Preparation of mini presentations by the students with feedback and discussion.
Second part: Public Speaking Voice instruments and acquisition of voice awarness. Analysis and use of vocal variety. Relation between speaker, audience, and text. Importance of proxemics and eye contact. Audience awarness. Action space analysis.

This lecture is about 3Rs principle implementation in in vivo research protocols. We will start with the European legislation on Drug development, with a special focus on when animal testing is mandatory, criteria used in the choice of the animal model, statistical estimation of numerosity and how to minimize animal discomfort.

  1. Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
  2. General Linear Model – Estimation and Prediction
  3. General Linear Model – Selection and Validation
  4. Random Effect General Linear Model
  5. Logistic Regression

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Lezioni del corso trasversale "La Ricerca Scientifica e il principio delle 3R"